Top 10 Machine Learning Institutes in Delhi – ML Training

There is no dearth of top 10 machine learning institutes in Delhi. Many have been established for a few years back with the sole aim of introducing advanced technologies to the business world. Some of these machine learning institutes can be found on both sides of the National Highway in Gurgaon, the capital of Haryana state. While others are located close to Delhi’s commercial hub, in Noida, and at the New Delhi International Airport. The reason why there are so many tops either best ML training institutes in Delhi can be explained by the fact that it has become a preferred place for international companies to conduct research and development activities.

With the introduction of cloud computing, companies are able to take up training and research activities even from their offices in India itself. The best part is that many of these institutes provide these services free of cost. The top 10 machine learning Institutes in Delhi like these are known as Cloud Academy, which is based in Gurgaon and in Noida respectively. This is the reason why there are such high rankings in the rankings by leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. According to a report by CNBC, there are over ten institutes in Delhi that specialize in machine learning training. However, only three of them are part of the National Stock Exchange of India or the NASDAQ in India.

Top 10 Machine Learning Institutes in Delhi for ML Training

top 10 machine learning institutes in Delhi

According to the report of CNBC, the three centers of machine learning/ ML training in Delhi are – NITI Aayog, National Institute of Technology, and Cloud Academy. Other than these three centers, there are numerous others, which provide such services across the globe.

These machine learning (ML) courses are designed by tech stack in such a way so that they can be easily accessed by students. the students of any age group. Some of these courses are available on CD-ROMs and others online. There are various training modules that are also available to make learning more interesting and interactive.

Some of the top 10 machine learning institutes in Delhi offer courses in bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, data warehousing, deep learning, data analytics, optimization, web-based training, and web applications. The institutes also offer courses in advanced analytics. The number of institutes offering such courses in Delhi is increasing every year. The competition among these institutes is also on the rise and many have managed to get top ranks in Google and other leading search engines.

Many institutes have come up in different areas in Delhi, but are located in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi. There are also many others in Saket, Chandni Chowk, and Gazi, but they offer courses only in the areas of finance, healthcare, and education.

The different and “Top Machine Learning Institutes in Delhi” that are located in Gurgaon provide different courses. Some of them offer courses like – Financial Decision Making, Financial Analysis, Healthcare Data Management, Machine Learning, and Data Mining, Risk Assessment, Knowledge Discovery, MLM Strategies, Data Science, Business Intelligence, and more. Some of the institutes are in the IT sector and provide courses as well. There are many students who have joined this kind of class for getting a better job.

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Online education is also becoming very popular these days. Most of the institutes offer both live and online education to their students. In the present era, online education is preferred over physical education as it allows students to gain knowledge without having to take up a brick and mortar college. There are many top 10 machine learning institutes in Delhi that offer online learning courses. However, not all of them provide a quality education so it is important to check about the reputation of the institute before you join any such program.

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