Git Hub Guide for Python

Hello everyone and welcome to the Git and GitHub overview blog. So in this blog, we’ll get a quick overview of Git and GitHub in general.

 So what is Git, G-I-T? Git is a free and open source distributed version control system, and it can handle everything from just a small project to a huge one pretty well. 

So you can go ahead and go to to learn more about Git. And you can try it in your browser for free by clicking this Try Git link on the Git page here, and it’ll take you to this link at,

and it’ll teach you Git pretty quickly in your browser. So it’s a handy tool. So what kind of companies are using Git, this version control system? Pretty much


all major companies, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, et cetara. There’s a whole list of companies; many, many companies use Git.

And you might be wondering what’s the difference between Git and GitHub. So GitHub is a web page where you can publish your Git repositories and collaborate with other people. So as I mentioned before, Git’s a version control system, so you also download simple installation guide from Techstack official website they also provide data science and machine learning course.

It has a series of snapshots of your code which are known as commits, and as you see the path of the pictures, you can check what order they’re created in.

So can you use Git without Git Hub, is another question people ask? And yes. So Git runs locally if you don’t use Git-hub. An alternative to GitHub might be using Gits with your files and the hosting them on Drop-box. But GitHub is the de facto, most popular streamlined service designed especially for Git. So I encourage you to make your own GitHub account and check it out. as I mention before if you are looking for best institute for machine learning and python in Delhi NCRI have my personal GitHub account, and that’s where I commit the repositories for the notebooks, and that’s how you’re able to view them, it’s because I’m pushing them to GitHub. If you’re interested in working how GitHub works, you can go to Again, this link is in the blog text. And you can check out their hello world document. It’s all in the browser. So still, you don’t need to download anything. You can check it out all there. And then another great website for learning Git in general, just G-I-T Git, is And it works for both Mac and Windows. Okay, so that’s just a brief overview of Gits and version control in general, the links and resources you need to learn more about them. Don’t worry if you don’t want to check that out right now. Later on in the blog,

we’ll touch again on this topic when we talk about modules and importing and creating your libraries. Alright, that’s it for this blog. Up next, we’ll finally get started with the Python object and data structure basics. Thanks, and I’ll see you at the next conference.  

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