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Business Analytics Course in essence is talkingabout how do you use data how do you use IT and how would you use conceptual layer in business logic to understand how the problem would be resolved rightso that in a nutshell would say that this is Business Analytics now you can refer to this as Business Analytics if you make it a little bit longer with some experience nudged into it it would be called as data science right so thatin essence would be all about Techstack business analytics so I wouldn’t restrict this field ofstudy to a specific domain not that an engineer should only do it not that aBSC guy should only do it not that somebody who has come from a Beacom background or commerce background should do it in fact it can be done by anybody I have had students who have come frommusic from the music industry saying that they like creativity right so ifyou say that there is creativity inmusic the same exists in data patterns also right so it doesn’t restrict us so anybody can learn it the only thing isthat do you have the interest in you do you want to use it for your domain right so the application is varied it can be applied in pharma it can be applied in manufacturing consulting any domain you talk about it it is applicablethe one important attribute a person should have is his interest in learn ingright so you should be somebody who isready to learn so I wouldn’t sayalthough analytics is a complicated subject no doubt about that but I wouldn’t say that you should restrict yourself by saying that I don’t know ITi don’t know statistics I don’tunderstand anything about business so I shouldn’t be stepping into this no Iwouldn’t say that is what stops you what stops you is whether you are ready tolearn or not ready to learn right you should be able to adapt you should beready to let learn you should be able tobe agile and understand it right so that is only thing which is required in a student to learn analytic the corestructure is with an assumption that aperson doesn’t know IT it doesn’tunderstand statistics and has neverdealt with business case studysituations right that’s the assumptionright eventually people come with onestrong background like somebody might befrom an IT field is another person mightbe from a stats field somebody mightjust be into sales and marketing and hedoesn’t know anything about statisticsor IT right but we can group this personup to a limit which is expected from the course right it’s an advantage if youknow something but that doesn’t stop youfrom becoming a resource in business analytics that’s how you would see itright so nothing is stopping you thereis no barrier you just have an advantage you in fact it makes more sense for astudent to learn it the reason beingthat we know that this subject this notion of analytics is obviously comingfrom the West they’re in essence 80 to90 percent of the work is done usinganalytics see over here do our jobs byour gut feeling right now corporates andvice presidents of major companies theyhave started thinking that yes we wantto incorporate analytics in everydecision we make a person who is justgraduating may be doing his engineeringcollege course or maybe he was doing hisBAC course or be a become course ormaybe even an arts course it makes moresense for him to learn this for afresher it means that he is getting anedge or existing candidates within hiscollege premises because he knowsanalytics and others don’t know andfrankly speaking today most of theengineering colleges and all these guyshave started rooming their candidates onsome aspect of analytics but the onlything is that it’s restricted because ofthe curriculum which they can be exposedto it’s more more of theory and less ofpracticaltypical data analysts in the US culturewould typically mean a data scientist ashort version of a data scientist whosejob would be to read patterns into datanevertheless it doesn’t mean that hewouldn’t be working with data he wouldstart from scratch from extracting datacleaning the data reading patterns outof that making sense out of that patternand trying to put up the case in frontof this know if I have to look at a datascientist specific job description inthe Indian market per se it would talkabout right from creating a requirementfor analytics right because today themarket doesn’t see a requirement foranalytics so you might have a companywhich is into retail which doesn’t thinkabout doing campaign based on thecustomers buying pattern but just as acampaign which is blanket I would wantto customize this according to therequirement of the customer so it’s awin-win situation for the company aswell as for the customer in this caseanalytics would help the data scientistcan be of great help to the company toreduce the cost of marketing increasethe efficiency of marketing and thisapplies in every domain marketing salesHR right so going forward we can see anapplication wherein and data scientistswould be working along with the HR teamto actually analyze which set ofemployees should be retained for alonger period of time right so thiswould be some typical things which adata scientist would be doing for thecompanyokay now if you look at a freshersperspective right first if she does somecourse which is about data science orabout business analytics it gives him anedge to the companies when they arerecruiting for a marketing professionalalso would expect that the candidateshould know about analytics right todayif a company which is in retail islooking at customer analytics they wouldobviously expect a guy who knows aboutmarketing sales plus analytics theydon’t want a person who just knows onedomain right so it’s imperative that youwill have to add up all the skills so doyou see any cricketer today who can saythat I can only Bowl Notoday we expect that a player shouldknow bowling batting fielding everythingwhich can be done on the field so thatis a data scientist he can do excellentpresentations he can talk in front of abig crowd he can work with codes he canwork with data he understands databaseit’s not that he will manage thedatabase but he is in a situation toguide a database administrator also asto how the database should be for him towork in his favor so that’s about theskill set level now from the freshersperspective obviously the first jobwould not be a very high-paying job butit will be reasonable somewhere around 4lakhs to file lakhs that that’s what youcan expect if he is not from a very agreat college right obviously if you arefrom an IIT or something like that orfrom an ion it gives you an edge it’sbecause of the college brand nowinitially you will have to work with alot of data so you will have to workwith data you will have to extract datado all the preparation work on the dataand present your report later on as youaccumulate more knowledge you might getsome more additional knowledge about howdatabases work so today we are talkingonly about Oracle data scientists mighttalk about no SQL Hadoop and all thosethings so he will enrich himself shewill be an asset to the company and thatis what a data scientist is aboutand that is what separates him and thatis where he creates value for himselfI wouldn’t quote it to be the next bigthing to happen because the next blip orthe boom usually is followed by a dropright so this is not going to befollowed by a drop this is there tosustain itself for a longer period oftime the names might change we might seesome more innovation right we areadapting right and we will be adaptingmore right slowly as we go forwardanalytics will be a common thing andobviously if it is becoming common thingit’s not just a boom it’s thereforestaying for a longer period of timeI would recommend students to take up acourse like this irrespective of whetherthey see a career for themselves in ananalytics or not the reason being thatgoing forward no matter what domain youare working in analytics will come inplay it will cross paths with you rightand at that point in time if you don’tknow about it it’s a problemsomeone should come to a mess pro schoolbecause it has a holistic approach thereis a lot of content depth a lot ofresearch has been done before the coursehas been launched it is followed by astrong examination path so which makesure that the student or the participanthas thoroughly understood the subject sowe have the NSE certification. 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