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Sometimes you just need to download some Free Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins to add custom functionality to your web site, but, on the other hand you are just not ready to pay 60$ for something you might not even use. Well, we at nulledhub.net strongly believe that you should try before you buy.

You can download Free Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes right now for you personal and commercial use. They do not have the original support, but we believe that if you find them useful, you should buy them.

Is it OK to download Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins for Free?

Well, WordPress creators licensed it under The General Public License (GPL). This means that WordPress core is freely available for download. This also means that every piece of code that derives from it must also be licensed under GPL. So when you purchase a plugin you basically pay for the support, the code itself is free to be redistributed. This, however, should not diminish the work people put in creating this code. So if it is ethical not to pay for these is strictly up to your moral compass. We, of course, would suggest to purchase the software if you enjoy it and/or find it useful in some way, especially if it helps you make money.

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