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Digital Marketing Course with Techstack is the best course for your career with depth knowledge in internet marketing training. Join Us and Get 100% Placement Assistance in your job. We believe in quality digital marketing training and we are continuously proving this from last 3 years.

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Digital Marketing Course Content

In first module of Digital Marketing Training in Delhi, we will give you basic term information. As digital marketing is one of the best online to invest, promote through different digital channels.

Its main objective is to:-
  1. Reach target audience
  2. Combine your online profile and platform
  3. Help to increase your online presence

In second module of digital marketing course before teaching search engine optimization, we will help you to create your own website in wordpress because it is very important for any digital marketing strategy. You must have your own platform or website in which you can practice your techniques of digital marketing.

  1. Introduction of Domain
  2. What is Hosting?
  3. What is Bandwidth?
  4. How to attach cpanel to your hosting?
  5. Adding SSL to your website?
  6. Importance of Server
  7. How to install Wordpress on cPanel?
  8. How to install free theme or paid theme in wordpress?
  9. Benefits of wordpress
  10. Useful plugins for your wordpress
  11. Introduction of GTMetrix to fast your website loading speed
  12. How to create logo for your website?
  13. Difference between informative topic vs potential topic

In third module of digital marketing course, we will teach you how to write best content for your website or blog. It is very important to understand the difference between potential content and informative content. Right keyword with maximum volume can help you to grab maximum conversion or leads for your business.

  1. How to choose right keywords
  2. Difference between informative keywords vs potential keywords
  3. How to create proper work sheet for content writing?
  4. How to momentum of content writing?
  5. How to get idea of content writing on your keywords?
  6. How to write seo friendly content?
  7. Impact of copied content on seo?
  8. Use of Copyscape, small seo tools and duplichecker
  9. How to use Grammarly properly for your content?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is key to getting more traffic lies in unify content with SEO and SMO.

Some important point you should now before optimizing are:
  1. It is a process optimizing your site content plead to search engine.
  2. Its main aim is to rank higher on result page.
  3. And increase the visibility in target market.
  4. Higher you rank more organic traffic you can drive to website.
  5. It cross check the leads that are bringing of higher quality or not.

As you know how important Search engine optimization is to all digital marketing efforts and can help to achieve your goal. Try to go in depth how digital marketing company work in search engine optimization services so learn more about the role that SEO plays in your digital campaigns.

In the fifth module of Local SEO, it will help you to gain maximum business through Google my business while listing on Google listing and optimizing google maps on right keywords. Local SEO is the best free source of getting leads in starting of any business. You don’t need to spend any amount for creating google listing. Maximum business owner don’t know how to optimize their google my business. In this local seo module of digital marketing course, we will explain you step by step to increase your rankings and visibility of google maps in search engine.

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. It is a big platform and supports digital marketing campaigns as it refers to the process of gaining attention and website traffic through social media sites. Social media marketing involves in promoting content that works well on each platform of social media channels like facebook,instagram, linkedin, and pinterest, twitter etc. These type of technique used in that how digital marketing company work to help business as to increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement and generate more leads.

In this pay per click module of digital marketing course, we will help you to create Google ads and promote on different-different platforms like search engine, other partner websites, youtube, apps, etc.

  1. What is Google adwords?
  2. Difference between Google Ads and Google Express
  3. How to prepare for Google ads?
  4. Difference between Search Network Ads and Display Ads
  5. Why Search Network ads has maximum Conversion ratio?
  6. How to create image ads for Display Network?
  7. How to set up Conversion tracking code on website?
  8. How to lower your CPC on campaign?
  9. How to increase CTR on Campaign?
  10. How to use shared library in Google ads?
  11. Benefits of Display remarketing in Search ads?
  12. How to create Universal app campaign in Google Ads?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message. You will learn how to use bulk email marketing with the help of softwares like aweber, mailchimp etc. It is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers.

Lead generation is very important for every business. It the process which leads to a possible customer transforming into a regular customer down the line. It is imperative for you and your business. It enables the websites of such businesses to generate more traffic which may lead to the further conversion of such found Leads into Customers. The leads to an increase in conversion rates helping a business gain huge profits in the process.

Generating Leads also helps a company build a tighter relation between the sales and the marketing team.

  1. What is Leads?
  2. Difference between Leads Vs Sales?
  3. How to generate leads through Search Engine Optimization?
  4. How to generate leads through Facebook?
  5. How to generate leads through twitter?

Mobile marketing is a multi channel marketing. It is the art of marketing your business to appeal to mobile device users.and to advertise your application in different different mobile devices to get maximum downloads and installs of your applications.

There are different type of strategy which include:
  1. App based marketing
  2. In game mobile marketing
  3. OR codes
  4. Location based marketing
  5. Mobile search ads

Ecommerce marketing is the method of making sales by creating and increasing awareness about an online store's product offerings and brand. Ecommerce marketing is the process increase your sale through SEO, social media sites, email marketing , content marketing etc. It is the practice of driving top of funnel traffic to convert into sales and customers.

This is the best module of digital marketing course for youtubers and bloggers. In this module, you will learn optimization strategy of video. It will help you to rank your video on right keywords on youtube.

  1. How to select right keywords for youtube through keywordtool.io?
  2. How to create videos free for your youtube channel?
  3. How to select right thumbnails for your youtube video?
  4. Understand of betterwaytoweb in tags
  5. How to find competitor strategy of any youtube videos?
  6. How to gain initial subscribers by doing youtube seo?
  7. Social sharing impact on youtube videos
  8. How to drive traffic through social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, twitter or Google plus in youtube video?

In this module of digital marketing course, we will explain video marketing policy of Google ads.

  1. Difference between Bumper ads and In-stream ads of Google ads.
  2. How CPM and CPV work in Video Marketing?
  3. How to create 6 sec Bumper Ads?
  4. How to Create in-stream ads for video marketing?
  5. Difference of CPM and CPV.
  6. How to use Video Marketing for lead generation?
  7. How to increase subscribers through video marketing?
  8. How to select placements while running video ads?
  9. How to dominate competitor through Video marketing?
  10. How to get maximum views through suggestion of videos?

In this Google Analytics module of digital marketing course, we will help you to understand how to analyse your website and mobile traffic. There are tons of benefits of Google Analytics while analyzing your website traffic. You also need to understand alternative of Google analytics and how to link google analytics with Google webmaster and Google Ads.

  1. How to setup Google Analytics?
  2. How to verify Google analytics in your website?
  3. How to track your website traffic in real time?
  4. How to check previous traffic and compare with previous month website traffic?
  5. How to check bounce rate?
  6. Difference between Bounce rate and Exit Rate?
  7. How to check sources of visitors?
  8. How to create Goals in Google Analytics?
  9. How to use UTM in Google Analytics?

In this module of digital marketing course, we will help you to earn and monetize your website traffic. Google adsense is a publisher program for website and blog owner who has good amount of traffic in their websites.

  1. How to setup Google adsense in website?
  2. Difference between Auto ads and Ad unit of Google adsense?
  3. How to select best ads placement in your website?
  4. How to monitor which ads sizes is performing best?
  5. How to increase CPC in Google Adsense?
  6. How to get high paying Adsense ads on your website?
  7. List of High paying Adsense keywords
  8. List of 20 Best Google adsense high paying topics
  9. Case studies of Google Adsense

In this module of digital marketing course, we will help you step by step in blogging like how to setup blog and monetize with Google adsense. How to use content writing skills to get maximum traffic on your blog.

  1. How to set up wordpress for blogging?
  2. Selection of right theme for blogging
  3. Objective selection while doing blogging
  4. Selection of right keywords for blogging
  5. How to use blogging for affiliate marketing?
  6. How to put ads in middle of content?
  7. How to increase traffic by applying some simple tricks?
  8. How to find best keywords of competitors
  9. How to use Event blogging for instant traffic?
  10. How much duplicate content allowed on website?

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to make money online and a process by which affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. They promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. So, its very beneficial to make money online.

  1. What is affiliate marketing?
  2. How does affiliate marketing work?
  3. Common types of affiliate marketing channels?
  4. How can we start earning from Affiliate Marketing?
  5. How to differentiate between potential keyword vs Normal keyword?
  6. How to find low competitive keywords with high potential for Affiliate Marketing?

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    Mr. Manoj Singh Rathore is an Enthusiastic person and Digital marketing influencer who started Techstack in 2015. His aim is to give best training and services in education field. He has launched 5 startups in just 3 years.

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    Mr. Narender Dogra is working as COO in Techstack. He was working as Digital Marketing Head in THELINKSINDIA. He has more than 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

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We provide all courses of online presence, web design & developement for businesses and artists, social media, digital marketing, big data & hadoop. We can develop elegant solutions for your business and promotional needs. Our trainers can help you develop your concepts with fresh and stylish delivery.

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A journey of an individual from back in 2008 as a marketing executive to an emerging award-winning Entrepreneur inspiring thousands of professionals in the various fields. Accepting the changing industry trends along with his best practices and extravagant Marketing research he created Techstack Digital Marketing Institute back in 2015 and so far continuing the healthy and successful journey.

He is leading with a constant will to contribute to the social development of the society along with constantly challenging Marketing biggies by innovation and of course with a healthy co-operation of Techstack Team inspiring hundreds of students.

Mr. Manoj Singh Rathore is certified in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Mobile Sites, Facebook blueprints, Bing, Salesforce Cloud, Hubspot, Adobe, etc.

- Manoj Singh Rathore, CEO-

Team Mission

We are committed to deliver best education & career opportunities for the students as well as for working professionals. Techstack is a complete training Institute in Delhi. Techstack Pvt. Ltd in Delhi offers training courses in Digital marketing , Big Data Hadoop, Web development ,Web Designing, Graphics Designing, Asp.net, Java, PHP, WordPress, with strong base of placement support, real-time trainers with working experience in MNC companies, tailor-made training curriculum to meet the career objective of the students and working professionals.

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Techstack Training in Delhi has strong network of experienced real time MNC Reyitte Techstack- is a professional training Company offering IT & Non-IT enabled Advance trainings for B.E., B-Tech, MCA, BCA, MSc and MBA fresher's and experienced Developers/programmers in various platforms. Deserving candidates may be awarded scholarships and other benefits, depending on their.


Very good experience with Techstack... Best teaching available by the professional staff....very good environment also... Fully satisfied...👍👍

- Rupali Mishra, Digital Marketer-


They teach very well about hadoop. I am very happy and satisfied with them. My course completed on time. All the staff is well experienced. i recommend them to everyone.

- Abhay Kukreja, Hadoop Analyst-

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Yes definitely, you can get a job after joining our Internet Marketing Training in Delhi. We are currently located in Saket region of Delhi-NCR. Also please note that we have 100% student’s placement record for digital marketing course in Delhi. Online marketing in various corporate organizations is only upon full completion of Digital Marketing institute in Delhi. We guarantee to train you so well in this market that you are capable of doing anything in practical freelance work also. The industry currently demands employees who are ready to work for them and get best possible results for their business. During Internet Marketing Course in Delhi, we regularly test and evaluate your learning curve and ensure quality training for the same. Techstack has a new digital marketing course branch in rohini.

The earning grounds and potential of a Digital Marketer is limitless. It totally depends on understanding and execution of your knowledge and skills that you will grasp @Techstack. Also we guarantee that you will be prepared in all the domains of Digital Marketing. We will give you practical training on every aspects of Internet marketing or Digital Marketing Training in Delhi so that you can use this knowledge into industry or on your business to gain more profits. You can easily earn upto Rs 50000 at initial stage after completion of course from our online marketing institute. You can visit Techstack to check why we are the Best Internet Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR with Top Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. Techstack is an Advance institute of digital marketing.

A person who has completed Digital Marketing course will be eligible for the following mentioned domains. You will have a lot many options to work and start your career after you have completed Digital Marketing Course in Delhi as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Executive, Online Campaign Marketing Executive, PPC (Pay Per Click) Executive, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager, SMO (Search Marketing Optimisation) Executive, Content Writer, etc. We help you work on high profiles for your better career. Techstack has opened a new branch of digital marketing course in north delhi.

One of the best and well certified trainer Manoj Singh Rathore also known as MSR will give you training. He has an experience of more than 8 years in this industry for providing Digital Marketing Training in Delhi in the region of Delhi-NCR. He has independently worked with clients especially in the US and other foreign countries. Till date, projects completed by MSR are over 5000 worldwide. He has trained more than 2158 students and counting in his career. To know more about MSR please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/srmanojrathore/. Digital marketing course classroom training is the best way to learn all things practically and easily.

As discussed earlier, your earning fully depends on your skills, knowledge and your grasping ability. Generally, we have placement record of 100% in Internet Marketing Training in Delhi with an average of Rs. 25,000/month as minimum salary. If you are applying for high profile position in the corporate sector for complete Digital Marketing profile, you will get high salary in this domain which can go up to 8 lakh/annum. If you are applying for specialised position such as a Search Engine Optimisation Expert, you will get a minimum of Rs.15,000/month. Salary is one of the basic concern of every student hence we try our best to get maximum output from you. You will get the best digital marketing course duration and fees in Techstack.

Definitely it is possible because Digital marketing course eligibility is only 12th pass. We will be providing you training of how to create your own blog and website. This part will be also important in the process of learning and executing digital marketing concepts. We help them to customize your blog and teach you to handle blog and posts on a regular basis. We will help you to be updated with the current trend because if you don’t walk with trend in Digital Marketing Course, you will probably lose market.We have complete digital marketing course subjects to give you best quality training.

Yes, we have internship programs also it would be an ideal option after you have completed your digital marketing courses. We have ties with several online marketing companies and different SAAS (Software as a Service) providers. You can get various opportunities for freelancing projects after Digital Marketing Training in Delhi as well. Also, you can get yourself enrolled for internship in our Digital Marketing institute in Delhi. During internship also we provide some basic amount as a stipend. You will be working on some of our projects. After completion of internship, you will get an experience letter of Online marketing internship. Techstack is the best institute in Delhi for digital marketing.

Our aim is not to teach you only theory after all it is the practical knowledge that is required for you to get a job in the corporate or develop and grow your own business. @Techstack, you see and experience everything practically and not to forget, we have designed all our modules in the way in which we provide you complete practical experience. After completing your blog or website, you will learn to do SEO on your website, you will be learning how to increase social media profiles for your brand, you will be creating campaigns for your website, you will be running email marketing, and you will use your website for email marketing and affiliate marketing. You will make your better career after digital marketing course.

You don’t have to worry about the course material and certification for your Digital Marketing. After you have enrolled, Techstack will guide you and will provide you with all course content and software with respect to the module you will be learning at that time. You will get all 12 Certifications after completion of Digital Marketing course from the Institute Techstack. We provide software and course material in the starting week only so that you can easily grab digital marketing and give best results in our training. We want you to succeed in this training hence providing you with the stepping stones.

Definitely it is possible because Digital marketing course eligibility is only 12th pass. We will be providing you training of how to create your own blog and website. This part will be also important in the process of learning and executing digital marketing concepts. We help them to customize your blog and teach you to handle blog and posts on a regular basis. We will help you to be updated with the current trend because if you don’t walk with trend in Digital Marketing Course, you will probably lose market.We have complete digital marketing course subjects to give you best quality training.

Total duration of digital marketing course is 6 months. That is Techstack’s Advanced digital marketing 6 month course. And Yes, you can but It completely depends on your grasping power and learning potential because Internet Marketing Course in Delhi is very vast and detailed which takes extra time and effort investment. Hence we will require full dedication and support from your side to give you the best training. We give tasks on daily basis and want students to finish them in time. We also help you by providing you with ample opportunities to practice and execute all digital marketing modules till the time you are ready to go to the corporate world

There are various websites which release digital marketing news and trending tools on a regular basis. You can follow those blogs time to time to keep up to date. We also help you keep updated in best possible ways by providing weekly Newsletter in our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. There are some blogs named Search engine journal, Search Engine land, Moz, Ahrefs, etc. You can follow these blogs on Facebook, twitter, instagram and subscribe on youtube, so that, everytime when they post anything related to digital marketing field, you will get updated.This will help you to get top results from best institute for digital marketing in Delhi with Techstack.

Interview Questions

Sir, full form of SEO is search engine optimization. It is a process to optimize your website or web pages in search engine for right keywords by following search engine optimization guidelines. It is divided into two major parts. One is on-page seo and other is Off-page seo. On-page seo is a process to optimize your keyword within your website. Off-page seo is a process to gain reputation from some other reputed website by putting your webpage links on their webpages.

Keyword is a most important part in digital marketing while doing seo. Search engine optimization is totally dependent on keywords. If you choose right keywords and get first rank on search engine on desired keywords. You will easily gain maximum business.

  • Keywords in URL
  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword in H1 tag
  • Keyword in subheading (h2, h3) tag
  • Keyword in Alt tag
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword proximity
  • Keyword in first paragraph
  • Keyword in anchor tag
  • Keyword in starting of headline
  • Keyword in meta description
  • Keyword in meta keywords

PPC ( Pay per click ) is a process to run ads through Google ads or Bing ads on search engine, other partner websites, youtube, apps, etc. It helps you to create your business ads and promote on search engine by paying on pay per click method.

  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • WordAi
  • Grammarly
  • Copyscape
  • Keywordtool.io
  • Canva
  • Moz
  • MajesticSEO
  • RankWatch
  • UberSuggest

On-page SEO is a process to optimize your website content according to Google or search engine guidelines. Like domain optimization, meta optimization, Content optimization, image optimization, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, website loading speed, internal linking, etc.

Off-Page SEO is a process to generate links for your website by putting links on someone else reputed website. There are various methods to generate backlinks for your website like blog commenting, blog submission, social bookmarking, article submission, classified submission, press release submission, pdf submission, web 2.0 submission, image submission, video submission, etc.


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